Falcon 6X

In February 2018, Dassault aviation unveiled its latest aircraft the Falcon 6X derived from the development of the aborted project of the Falcon 5X. At the end of 2020, the manufacturer introduced the private jet during a live broadcast on the internet. 

The new ultra-long-range aircraft will offer the most spacious cabin in its category.  With a length of 12.3m, a height of 1.98m, and a width of 2.58m, the 6X will be able to welcome up to 16 passengers (depending on aircraft configurations) and provide more room to work, rest, or sleep on-board. Its larger windows and new skylight feature will bring even more natural light to the cabin. Equipped with the latest technologies such as digital flight controls, mood lighting controls, and soundproofing technologies, the aircraft will provide an enhanced flight experience. 

The 6X will also allow direct flights up to 10'000km with Pratt & Whitney engines developed to lower fuel consumption by 10 % compared to engines currently on the market. 

Despite the pandemic, the Falcon 6X is expected to perform its first flight this year and obtain its certification in 2022, these steps should quickly be followed by the start of its production. Meanwhile, the Falcon 7x and 8x are available for charter for all long-range flights.


Photo Credit: Dassault Aviation

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