The company

Founded in 2012 by directors of major business aviation companies, IBC Aviation specializes in management, acquisition and private jet charter services.

For over 20 years, its founders have developed and maintained long-term relations with major industry leaders to provide clients with high-end solutions.

The company’s core values; transparency, trust and safety, guide IBC Aviation’s representatives throughout their daily tasks to offer a memorable experience on each flight.

Aside from charter services, IBC Aviation designed tailor-made services and programs:

  • IBC Aviation Flight Attendant: On selected flights, the IBC flight attendants provide unparalleled on-board services. Trained to our highest standards, excellence and confidentiality are the hallmarks of their philosophy.
  • Dedicated Representative: The IBC Aviation team is available 24/7 to plan and oversee all reserved flights.
  • Concierge services: The IBC Aviation concierge is appointed to organize the exclusive elements surrounding each private jet reservation, such as helicopter or luxury car transfer, hotels and villa reservations.
  • The IBC Card: A Prepaid flight hour program granting access to a European fleet at a fixed hourly rate based on the selected business jet category.
  • The Tailor-Made Contract: Program with preferred prices on specific predetermined itineraries.