The IBC Card unlocks your exclusive access to IBC Aviation and its concierge services.

The IBC Card offers safety, flexibility, and confidentiality on all your reservations.

Our program grants access to a European fleet at a predetermined rate. With a 24 hours’ notice, IBC Aviation guarantees you the availability of an aircraft selected according to your needs among six categories.

We evaluate your needs and accompany you in the purchase of the appropriate package. You are free to use your hours at your own pace.

Flight Hours

Select the number of hours and the aircraft category with the help of one of our representatives. Choose from six categories and receive a tailor-made hourly package. With our individually crafted solution, travel easily to your destination.

Our Programs

  • 10h
  • 25h
  • 50h
  • 100h
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IBC private jet card

How to use your IBC Card ?

Upon activation of your program:

  1. Send your request to your dedicated representative.
  2. Receive our offer on the aircraft category of your choice, along with the hours debited from your account.
  3. Approve our proposal and obtain our flight confirmation.
  4. At the end of your journey, receive your flight report, including the hours left on your Card.


At 72 hour’s notice, our responsive team guarantees the availability of an aircraft and carries out your last-minute plans.


Apart from de-icing fees, an all-inclusive hourly rate is offered to facilitate your choice of aircraft category.

Cancellation Terms

We offer IBC Aviation Card holders the possibility to cancel their reservation free of charge up to 24 hours prior to their flight.
Special conditions may apply during high season (May 1st to September 30th).


Our 18-month validity period provides unrivaled flexibility. You may use your hours as you wish within that extended time frame.


Unused hours can be reimbursed at any time and without justification.


Upgrades and downgrades are possible at no extra charge to allow for any potential travel amendments.

Multiple Reservations

The IBC Card may be shared with your loved ones or associates and allows you to reserve several aircraft simultaneously.

IBC Representative

For every flight, you have access to a dedicated representative 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Private jets categories


Number of seats : 4
Range : from 1.200 to 2.100 km
Height of Cabin : from 1,37 m to 1,50 m

Piaggio Avanti


Very light jets

Number of seats : 4
Range : from 1.200 to 2.100 km
Height of Cabin : from 1,37 m to 1,50 m

Citation Mustang
Phenom 100

Light jets

Number of seats : 6
Range : from 2.200 to 3.700 km
Height of Cabin : from 1,45 m to 1,60 m

Citation Bravo
Hawker 400XP
Phenom 300


Light jets rental

Midsize jets

Number of seats : 6 / 9
Range : from 3.300 to 4.700 km
Height of Cabine : from 1,50 m to 1,75 m

LearJet 45
Citation Excel
Citation XLS+
Hawker 750
Hawker 800
Hawker 900


Super Midsize jets

Number of seats : 7 / 9
Range : from 3.700 to 6.200 km
Height of Cabine : from 1,70 m to 1,91 m

Citation X
Citation Sovereign
Hawker 4000
Challenger 300
Challenger 350


Location Jets de taille moyenne supérieure

Heavy jets

Number of seats : 8 / 13
Range : from 6.000 to 8.500 km
Height of Cabine : from 1,82 m to 1,88 m

Challenger 604 / 605
Falcon 2000 EX / LX
Embraer Legacy 600
Challenger 850
Falcon 900
Embraer Legacy 650


Ultra long range jets

Number of seats : 12 / 16
Range : from 8.500 to 12.900 km
Height of Cabine : from 1,85 m to 1,96 m

Falcon 900 series
Falcon 7X
Gulfstream de G550 to G650
Global Express to 6000