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Private jet charter Paris

The IBC Aviation representation office is located in Paris Le Bourget airport. Specialized in private jet charter services, our Parisian team is available 24/7 to organize your private jet travels.
With access to a wide range of pre-selected aircraft, our team recommends based on your budget, the number of passengers, and your itinerary, the aircraft fitting your expectations.

Tailor-made offer

For each flight request, a dedicated representative is assigned to craft your journey. From booking the adapted aircraft to assisting your departure and arrival in Paris airports, our experts accompany you each step of the way for a unique and unparalleled experience.
Our team works closely with a network of operators to select the private jet based on your needs and to bring you a 360° solution for all your business or leisure travels.

As the only private jet charter broker to offer its own flight attendant, IBC Aviation delivers exceptional onboard service and ensures discretion and confidentiality throughout your journey.

IBC Aviation Paris

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Parisian airports


Le Bourget airport is entirely dedicated to business aviation and is composed of several VIP terminals. Today, Le Bourget airport is the first airport in Europe with 45’000 private jet movements per year.
Distance from Paris city center: 16 kilometers
Average travel time: 40 minutes


Located 45 minutes from the center of Paris, the largest French airport welcomes private jets solely for flight connections with commercial airlines. These operations are subject to restrictions and often come with steep additional costs.
Distance from Paris city center: 27 kilometers
Average travel time: 45 minutes


Located 30 minutes from the city center, Orly airport only rarely accepts private jets for flight connections with commercial airlines.
Distance from Paris city center: 25 kilometers
Average travel time: 30 minutes


Located northwest of Paris, Pontoise airport is available to business aviation flights. Although subject to some operational restrictions, it is possible to organize flights to/from Pontoise at night with preliminary permissions.
Distance from Paris city center: 43 kilometers
Average travel time: 1 hour


Located west of Paris, the helipad allows passengers to quickly reach Paris. From Paris Le Bourget, travel time is about 15 minutes.
Distance from Paris city center: 10 kilometers
Average travel time: 20 minutes


Located in the southeast of Paris, Melun Villaroche airport is an alternative for all passengers with departure/arrival points in the south of the capital.
Distance from Paris city center: 50 kilometers
Average travel time: 45 minutes


Located 45 minutes southwest of Paris and adjacent to Versailles, Toussus-Le-Noble can only welcome turboprops due to its short runway and is subject to operational restrictions.
Distance from Paris city center: 30 kilometers
Average travel time: 45 minutes