Business Aviation


Aircraft registration (tail number) :Located on its tail or engine the alphanumeric registration indicates the country of registration of an aircraft.

AOC (Aircraft Operator Certificate) :This certificate is required for companies to operate an aircraft.

AOG (Aircraft On Ground) :The aircraft is experiencing an issue preventing it from flying.

ATC (Air Traffic Control) : The Air Traffic Control is provided by on ground teams (national and regional centers as well as local control towers.)


Charter Broker : Individual responsible for matching a client air travel needs to the most adapted private jet based the request of the customer.

Cabotage : The transportation of goods or passengers operated by a company foreign to the country in which they are transporting these goods/passengers.

CTOT (calculated take off time) : (Calculated Take Off Time): Issued by Eurocontrol, a CTOT is a period of time during which an aircraft has to take-off. It is determined as 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after the CTOT.


Deicing : The process of removing snow, ice and frost from the surface of the aircraft. A build-up of snow or ice adds extra weight to the aircraft, and can prevent it from taking-off properly.


ETD (estimated time of departure) :  Estimated Time of Departure.

ETA (estimated time of arrival) : Estimated Time of Arrival.

Empty leg : A sector of a flight booked but without passenger onboard. This happens when the aircraft has to return to its base or position for the next customer after dropping off the initial customer.

Eurocontrol : The European organization for the safety of air navigation in charge of ensuring a safe and seamless traffic.


FAA (Fédéral Aviation Authority) : The Federal Aviation Authority is the US national authority with powers to regulate aspects of the American civil aviation.

Flight plan : Document sent to ATC informing the trajectory, the type of aircraft an the number of passengers.

Fuel stop : Stop made by a plane during a flight to allow the aircraft to refuel before pursuing its trip.

FBO (fixed-Based operator) ou Ground Handling Operator : An FBO is a private company providing services such as aircraft handling, parking or fueling. In the private jet industry, FBOs are also private terminals welcoming and guiding customers to their aircraft.


GPU (Ground Power Unit) : Ground Power unit used to produce energy for aircraft when they are parked.


Heavy Jet : The heavy jet is a jet category with an autonomy between 6.000 and 8.500 km with 8 to 13 seats.


IBC Card :  The IBC Card grants its users access to a European and North American Fleet at a predetermined hourly rate.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation organization):  The International Civil Aviation Organization is a UN organization which governs standards and practices of air transport.

ILS (Système d’atterrissage aux instruments) : The ILS provides precision and guidance to an aircraft approaching an airport runway.


Light Jet :  A jet category with 6 seats and an autonomy between 2.200 and 3.700 km.


Midsize jet : A jet category with 6 to 9 seats and an autonomy between 3.300 and 4.700 km.


Operator ( Compagnie d’aviation d’affaires) :  Company owning/managing one or more aircraft available for charter.


PIC (pilot in command) :  Pilot In Command.


Airport Slot :  Time frame given by the airport for a plane to take-off or land in order to regulate airport traffic.

Super Midsize Jet :  A jet category with 7 to 9 seats and an autonomy between 3.700 km and 6.200 km with 7 to 9 seats.


Taxi Time : Refers to the period of time between an aircraft touch down and its full stop in parking position or when an aircraft vacates the parking position until it lifts from the runway.

TurboProp Aircraft : Aircraft powered by one or more propellers.


Ultra Long Range Jet : A jet category with 12 to 16 seats and an autonomy between 8.500 and 12.900 km.


VFR (visual flight rules) : A set of regulations a pilot must follow to operate an aircraft in good weather conditions without the support of instruments.

VLJ (very light jet) : The entry level aircraft category offering 4 seats and an autonomy between 1.200 and 2.200 km.


Weather Minima : Weather conditions required for a take-off or a landing.


Zulu Time  (GMT) : Refers to UTC time. (Coordinated Universal Time).