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The IBC Aviation team is at your service to optimize your business aviation needs. From chartering your private jet to overseeing your entire flight, our charter brokers accompany you throughout your travel. A 360° approach based on our fundamentals values: Excellency, Integrity & Efficiency.


Founded by business aviation experts, IBC Aviation offers tailor-made solutions for all VIPs’ travel needs. Our network and expertise give us access to the finest planes on all five continents.
 Aside from our private jet charter experience, our team accompanies you throughout the aircraft sale or acquisition process and advises you on aircraft management operations.


Just as prominent fashion houses or prestigious automobile brands do, we design your aviation projects and strive to fulfill your needs with unparalleled precision.


Department of IBC Aviation, IBC Events specializes in aircraft charter from 19 to 189 seats. As each mission is unique, our team offers adapted solutions for every group travel request.


An exclusive access to IBC Aviation and its concierge services.

The IBC card offers preferred access to a European fleet at a fixed fare per flight hour. Up until 24 hours before your flight, IBC aviation guarantees the availability of a business jet in the category of your choice. From Very Light Jet to Ultra Long Range jet, discover our 10, 25, 50 or 100 flight hours’ programs.

The IBC Aviation Advantages

  • Fixed fare per flight hour
  • Flexibility
  • 18-month Validity
  • All-inclusive
  • Upgrades



We understand the importance of your investment, and we fully commit to duly protecting it as well as defending your interest in the best possible way. 
As an independent and impartial organization, IBC Aviation guarantees the protection and optimization of your investment.



Becoming an aircraft owner is a complex operation requiring optimization and transaction security.
IBC Aviation benefits from a reliable network and privileged relationships with manufacturers and sellers worldwide.


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