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Traveling on a Private Jet with Children

Aside from business trips, flying private helps optimizing family travels.  With less waiting time, more flexibility and shorten security procedures traveling with babies or children becomes stress-free. 

Why charter a private jet for family travels?

Check-in, security procedures, layover, passport control, all these steps can become quite complex and tiring when traveling with family especially with young children. 

Flying private means that waiting time is tremendously reduced, and all teams work to get the passengers onboard for take-off as quickly as possible. 

Before the flight : 

Clients can choose the departure time, and even coordinate it with the habits of their children. Passengers can plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to departing time as security and passport procedures are generally executed within a few minutes, while luggage is being transported to the aircraft. In case of a delay, private lounges are available for passengers to relax in their very own confidential space. 

Onboard, our team organizes catering according to client’s wishes. Allergies, diet types or special treats for children are carefully respected. 

For babies (less than 2-year-old), the aircraft must be equipped with a special additional belt so that they can travel on a parent’s lap. For this reason, our team advises communicating children’s ages to the broker when chartering a private jet. 

During the flight: 

On certain aircraft, our IBC flight attendant select games, books, or magazines for our little explorers. They also offer Ipads including a large selection of children and family movies. 

Some aircraft offer onboard wifi, however, fees based on wifi usage may apply. 

Unaccompanied Minor : 

 Generally the following applies: 

  • Babies under 2-year-old must be escorted by an adult. (signed letter from a parent allowing the child to travel is required)
  • Children under the age of 4 must also be accompanied by an able-bodied person, age over 15. (signed letter from a parent allowing the child to travel is required)
  • Children under the age of 12 can travel alone, however, a signed letter from a parent allowing the child to travel is required.

Air travel is not recommended for pregnant women during the 8th month of pregnancy, nor it is recommended for 7 days after the birth of the baby. 

Which private jet to chose for a family trip? 

Based on flight time, destination and number of passengers, certain aircraft can be more adapted than others. A short trip with 3 passengers, including a baby, can be done with a Very Light Jet.  With 2 or 3 children and 8 or 10 luggage, the same trip should be planned with a Midsize jet such as a Citation Excel or XLS. For long trips, or night flight, it is recommended to chose a Heavy Jet aircraft such as the Falcon 2000EX or even larger options based on the destination. 

Charter a private jet from for family travel:

Contact our team to charter a private jet for a family holiday. Available 24/7, our teams answer all your private jet requests. Contact us at or fill out the form on our website.

Our concierge is available 24/7 to organize your transfers (helicopter or limousine), your hotel reservations, yacht reservations, security, or any other special request.


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