Falcon 900LX vs Legacy 650

Aircraft Comparaison

Well designed for family travels, the Falcon 900 LX and Legacy 650 are two aircrafts from the Heavy Jet category.   

The Falcon 900 LX benefits from a longer range and can reach New-York from Paris.  With its 3 engines, the aircraft consumes 24% less fuel than its competitor. 

Its spacious cabin is 30% wider than the cabin of the legacy 650 and counts 12 to 14 seats.

The Legacy 650 can link London to Riyadh. The aircraft offers 13 seats and is more adapted to passengers flying with a large number of suitcases as its luggage compartment is twice as spacious as the one of the Falcon 900LX.

Per flight hour, the Legacy 650 remains less expensive than its competitor.

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