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Saint-Moritz, Swiss town in the Canton of Grisons is one of the oldest ski resorts welcoming a posh clientele since 1864.

Above its lake, the resort is divided into two villages: Saint-Moritz-Dorf at 1822m high and Saint-Moritz-bad at 1774m and benefit from 322 days of sun. Beginners and confirmed skiers can enjoy 350km of slopes around the Piz Nair (higher summit at 3303m) 


The resort offers a panel of winter sports activities. 


The Cresta run is a 1212,5m natural ice run going from Saint-Moritz to Celerina used for general tobogganing activities since 1884.


Saint-Moritz hosts the snow polo world cup since 1985 and attracts over 10'000 visitors each year.  This year's world cup will take place January 26th, 27th and 28th 2018 and gather the major swiss fortunes. The event is followed by the white night gala organized by Cartier. 


Private jet to Samedan Engadin Airport 

Located 8km away from Saint-Moritz, The Samedan airport welcomes private jets and is only a 10 minutes drive to the village. Saint-Moritz is very coveted in winter and the airport functions with a slot system. 

Helicopter to Saint-Moritz

Helicopter from Zurich to Saint-Moritz:  50 minutes 

Helicopter from Geneva to Saint-Moritz: 1H10

Hélicopter from Milan to Saint-Moritz: 40 minutes 

Rent your private jet or helicopter to Saint-Moritz with IBC Aviation.


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